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Since the PLC/ARC, MFP & Disaster Relief Program meeting from the beginning of the month, recap here, UGA has published a document over-viewing how the 2018 Farm Bill allows PLC Payment Yields to be updated. 

Assistant Professor of Ag & Applied Economics, Dr. Serinna Liu, makes these points:

  • The updated PLC payment yield will be in effect beginning with the 2020 crop year.
  • The deadline for updating the PLC payment yield is June 30, 2020.
  • The PLC payment yield update is very important because the PLC payment yield is used for calculating the PLC payment. The higher the PLC payment yield on a farm, the higher the PLC payment that farm can potentially receive.

The full factsheet can be found here.

Also, 2018 payments should hopefully be coming in as this Southeast AGNET article mentions.

Lastly, deadline for the 2019 election is Mar 15, 2020, no rush, waiting longer = more info but just don’t wait last minute – This election is good 2020, 2021-23 turns annual.

Visit FSA’s website for more info:


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