Jason Using Hay Probe

Our Crisp Co Extension office was fortunate enough to be allotted one of the 24 UGA internship positions this past summer. All of these internships consisted of students from CAES, ABAC, GA Southern U & others institutions being paired up with an Extension agent for 12 weeks. The greatest advantage participating students walk away with might be getting boots-on-the-ground experience of how diverse and interesting an agents’ day ends up. From scouting cotton, to assisting with 4-H meetings, to educating youth through nutrition/healthy eating programs…depending on which program area and what county an intern found themselves in the more different their learning opportunities could be.

This June found Jason Gibson as the Ag intern here in Cordele. Finishing this paid internship was Jason’s last check mark to graduate from ABAC with his Bachelors degree in horticulture. He worked diligently while interning for Crisp and contributed to the fundamental progress of all three program areas.

Sprayer Prepared

Jason spent half of his 40 hours a week managing Cordele’s Watermelon Research Park. This consisted of irrigating, weeding, fungicide spraying, mowing, disease ratings, harvest, and trial termination of watermelons grown to assess control strategies for Fusarium wilt.

Watermelon Trials Harvest Time

Within the other 20 hours Jason assisted the Ag program in on-site consultations to both growers fields and homeowner calls. He created a program for raising awareness about hydroponics and administered it to the local Rotary Club as well as the Lion’s Club.

Jason Presenting @ Rotary
Zinnia & Sunflower Watering @ Pre-K

Jason spent time working with our 4-H forestry team at their weekly practices and contributed immensely in establishing a perennial pollinator plot used during last months statewide Great Pollinator Census.

“Overall my experience interning through the Extension program was fun and enlightening. I enjoyed learning about Extension and have come to realize how big a part it is of peoples lives even though most don’t realize it.” Jason says.

Soil Moisture Probe Set-up in Cotton


Though he is not currently, Mr. Gibson thinks he might pursue a career in extension later in life after a break from school. We here at the Crisp Co Extension office will miss Jason and wish him the best as he moves on to other adventures.


If you’re interested in UGA’s internship program please visit this site for more info: https://www.caes.uga.edu/students/experiential-learning/internships-jobs/uga-extension.html


Best Wishes,

Joshua Grant