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Late Season Peanut Info

Estimating Dig Date – Getting the Sample.

To pull a sample from a field, pick at least 3 – 4 representative locations in a field.  Pull up about 4 adjacent plants (clump of 4-5 tap roots) from each location; keep the plants (clumps) from each location separate.  Take one plant from one location and pull off all peanuts from that plant; then pull another plant from the next location and pull off all peanuts – continue to do this until you have at least 180 pods but no more than 220 (32 oz cup = about 200 peanuts).  When you reach 180, continue pulling peanuts off that plant then stop. Call me (Tucker) 507-8862 to do peanut maturity checks.

Dig on Time – According to UGA, Digging…

2 wks too early = 744 lbs lost/A

1 wk too early = 208 lbs lost/A

1 wk too late = 601 lbs lost/A

2 wks too late = 1746 lbs lost/A

Late Season Peanut Fungicides Pre Harvest Intervals (PHI)

Convoy – 40 Day PHI


Excalia – 40 DAY PHI

Elatus – 30 DAY PHI

Muscle, Teb (tebuconazole) – 14 DAY PHI

Fontelis – 14 DAY PHI

Bravo (chlorothalonil) – 14 DAY PHI

Alto – 30 DAY PHI

Check label of specific products for PHI.