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Irrigation Info and Late Season Peanut Disease Management


Lots of white mold in peanuts now as weather conditions have been almost perfect for white mold in peanuts this year. Here are some comments from Kemeriat about late season peanut disease management:

“Three weeks to go until you are projected to dig the peanuts and little-or-no disease in the field? I wouldn’t put out any more fungicides unless there is threat of a hurricane or tropical storm. If you are three of more weeks out and on your last spray and you are seeing some leaf spot develop, applying a pint of chlorothalonil TANK-MIXED with 7.2 fl oz of tebuconazole or 5.5 fl oz of Alto (NOTE 30 day PHI for Alto) or 5 fl oz of Topsin or 2.5 fl oz of Domark. If time for your last spray and very little leaf spot is present, then 1.5 pints of chlorothalonil may be all you need.

In 2020, white mold is likely active in your field late in the season.  If the white mold is confined to individual plants scattered across the field, then you may want to mix tebuconazole with your last leaf spot spray for some late-season “insurance”. If the disease is more severe, or you are really worried about it, then you might consider using a more effective product.  Many growers are considering using Convoy.  Please NOTE that the PHI for Convoy (and Umbra) is 40 days before harvest.

It is generally advisable to wait to dig the peanuts until they are “ready” based upon the hull-scrape test. This is true even if there is significant Tomato spotted wilt in the field or some white mold. HOWEVER: if there is significant defoliation from leaf spot or significant white mold in the field, it often best to dig the peanuts earlier than planned to avoid excessive digging losses.”

Fungicide Pre-Harvest Intervals for Peanuts  (note: there is some discussion on whether this means “dug” or “picked”)

Chlorothalonil: 14 days PHI

Domark: 14 day PHI

Topsin M: 14 days PHI

Alto: 30 days PHI

Priaxor: 14 day PHI

Aproach Prima: 30 day PHI

Muscle ADV (tebuconazole + chlorothalonol):  14 days PHI

Abound (azoxystrobin): 14 day PHI

Fontelis: 14 day PHI”


This is a new UGA publication with some good irrigation info. Below are some highlights from this publication.