UGA Extension Cook County

Peanut Digging Dates, Peanut Hay, 4-H Veg Plant Sale

Dig Peanuts at Correct Maturity

Baling Peanut Hay Considerations

  • Peanuts produce about 6000 lbs/A vines.
  • Baling effeciency is about ½ that amount (3000 lbs/A).
  • Average peanut round bale = 1000 lbs.
  • Avg N,P,K fertilizer prices (Sept 2018) N = .45/lb; P = .38/lb; K = .28/lb.
  • Baling hay removes roughly, 50 lbs N/acre ($22.50); 10 lbs P/acre ($3.80); 60 lbs K/acre ($16.80)

Cook 4-H Broccoli and Cabbage Plant Sale

$1 per seedling at Cook Extension Office.  We also have two good publications related to vegetable gardening “Home Garden Broccoli” and “Vegetable Planting Chart” which give planting dates, spacing, and variety information on many vegetables.