Sheri’s Garden

Finding inspiration in the gardens that we nurture

Garden Resolutions

A new year means new garden projects! First on my list is to have a glorious early-season flower garden. I plan to achieve this with cool season flowers that I will grow from seed. I should have planted the seeds outside last October, but I didn’t get it done. The…
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IDEA: Soil test results

We received our soil test report back from the UGA lab. I was shocked! But, please remember, I am from Virginia and am still not accustomed to seeing soil pH this low! The soil pH measured 4.7, which is acidic. The plants we are growing (bedding plants) prefer a pH…
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IDEA: Preparing the Soil

I bet if we surveyed Georgia gardeners, the top complaint would be the soil! I know, deer might be a close second, but we can often do something to improve the soil. In the case of this garden, I am going to invest in the soil because I know it…
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IDEA: The beginning of a garden

  I have walked past this island in our parking lot for two years now.           When I came here, it had blueberry bushes in it. They didn’t remain long. A single glimpse of the soil suggests several reasons why.            …
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