Sheri’s Garden

Finding inspiration in the gardens that we nurture

IDEA: A few undesirables

The garden has been planted for nearly three months. As the season has changed, we changed the plant selections. We noted some insect activity in the garden in October, including aphids on the back sides of the mustard leaves, and cabbage worm on the broccoli. Now, we are starting to…
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IDEA: Changes in the garden

As our garden progresses, we enjoy the blooms and foliage! The garden attracts much attention, from delivery drivers stopping to ask directions and marvel at the mustard (they sure would be tasty greens for supper!) to Entomologists speculating on potential cruciferous pests! We are looking for a piece of garden…
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IDEA: In bloom!

Aren’t they beautiful?! This is what our pansies and snapdragons will look like in bloom. This is a flat of extra plants in the greenhouse. Did you know that snapdragons make a great cut flower? I am looking forward to enjoying the blooms inside as well as outside in the…
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IDEA: Brrrrr! It’s been so cold!

Between November 14 and 18, overnight temperatures dipped into the low-20s here in Griffin. This was colder than usual. This would have been a disaster for our coleus and sweet potato plants if they were still in the garden. However, our plants are considered cool season annuals and are tolerant…
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IDEA: Changing the plants

In October, temperatures began cooling. It was time to change out the warm season annuals (the coleus and sweet potato vine) with the cool season annuals (snapdragons and pansies). We wanted to do this before frost and before soil temperatures became too cool. The garden was designed with this in…
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