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Hello, the UGA Cotton Team newsletter for April 2023 is posted here.

Articles in this month’s issue include:
1. The Cause of Recent Bank Failures and the Ripple Effect on Cotton Producers (Serrina Liu)
2. Efficient Nutrient Management Strategies for Cotton (Henry Sintim and Glen Harris)
3. Irrigation System Prep and Early Season Water Requirements for Cotton Production (Wes Porter,
David Hall, Jason Mallard, and Phillip Edwards)
4. Thrips Management: Use an At-Plant Insecticide (Phillip Roberts)
5. Planter Preparation (Simer Virk and Wes Porter)
6. A Brief Look at the Coming Growing Season (Pam Knox)
7. A Pre-season Checklist for Diseases and Nematodes of Cotton (Bob Kemerait)
8. Thoughts Ahead of Planting (Camp Hand)
9. Keeping Early Season Planting Considerations Simple (John Snider, Camp Hand, Josh Lee)
10. The Georgia Cotton Farmer, Dicamba, and the Future of Pesticides (Stanley Culpepper)
11. “It was only cold when it was cold”: Winter Weather Impact on Silverleaf Whitefly RISK (Phillip

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