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Articles in this month’s issue include:
1. Early Season Growth and Canopy Development (John Snider, Gurpreet Virk, Ved Parkash, and
Camp Hand)
2. Herbicides and Dusting in Cotton can be a Mighty Challenge! (Stanley Culpepper)
3. In-field Planter Considerations (Simer Virk and Wes Porter)
4. Weather and Climate Outlook for May 2022 and Beyond (Pam Knox)
5. Early Season Irrigation Requirements for Cotton Production (Wes Porter, David Hall, and Jason
6. General Thoughts and Last Minute Decisions (Camp Hand)
7. Early Season Disease and Nematode Update (Bob Kemerait)
8. When to Spray Thrips (Phillip Roberts)
9. Your Weed Management Toolbox is in Trouble; Are You Paying Attention? (Stanley Culpepper)

It is available here.

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