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Over the last two weeks, we have sent many samples to Tifton’s UGA diagnostic lab.  So far several cases of Phytophthora capsici have been confirmed on squash and peppers in Colquitt County, as well as, Pythium spp. on watermelons and  pseudomonas (Bacterial leaf spot) on collards.   The wet weather conditions have been conducive for these diseases among vegetable crops.  Keep a look out for these diseases in your fields.  Below are pictures of the disease symptoms we have seen on the samples that were sent to the diagnostic lab.   Also, I attached the UGA’ s 2016 fungicide spray guides for watermelon, squash, and peppers. Refer to these guides to see the suggested controls for P.cap, pythium, and pseudomonas.

2016 Pepper Fungicide Spray Program

2016 Squash Fungicide Spray Program

2016 Watermelon Fungicide Spray Program

Phytophthora capsici on squash



Pseudomonas (Bacterial leaf spot) on collards


Pythium spp. on watermelon


pythium on watermelon