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I have received some questions about Reflex and its application to watermelon, squash, and pumpkin. These new herbicidal tools are a result of cooperative efforts involving The University of Georgia, Syngenta, IR-4, The Georgia Department of Agriculture, The Georgia Agricultural Commission for Vegetables, and Industry. It is critical that county agents help growers understand that their specific production practices may alter weed and crop responses to recommended herbicides.

Important Points:

  • Growers must have a label in hand when using Reflex in these crops.  Just let me know if there is any confusion regarding the label.
  • Growers must follow the steps below to obtain their own label.  The process of growers obtaining labels is actually the method being used to indemnify the use of Reflex in these crops.  County agents are not suppose to give growers labels but rather help growers understand the labels once they obtain them.
  • Support Syngenta and use Reflex; no generic company has shown any desire to support such challenging label development!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Growers must evaluate these programs on limited acres until gaining experience.  Keep in mind these labels are developed from 10 to 15 studies conducted primarily by research here in Georgia; most other pesticide labels are developed from over 200 replicated trials conducted by dozens of scientist across the country.

Obtaining the label: 1.  Go to www.farmassist.com 2.  Select products along top bar. 3.  Select indemnified labels (4th one down). 4.  Login (first time users create login and password). 5.  For state, select Georgia and for product, select Reflex in this scenario      (play around and see our other labels) and then submit. 7.  Select the Reflex label and crop of interest and submit. 8.  Accept waiver; this is the process making the label an indemnified label.   If you have questions email or call,

Thanks for your time,

Jeremy Kichler

UGA Cooperative Extension

Colquitt County Extension Coordinator

350 Veterans Parkway North

Bldg 1, Rm 132

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