Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Agriculture contributing to darkening of snow

A new large-scale study by University of Washington scientists shows that agriculture as well as oil and gas production is contributing to the darkening of snow fields across the Northern Hemisphere, according to Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.  This is of concern for long term climate balance since normally white…
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The latest climate threat: Beavers

Yahoo News posted a story yesterday about one of the newest threats to climate change in the US–beavers!  The critters have been making a comeback across the country, building dams which back up water into ponds.  The ponds are great for improving water storage and providing habitat for a variety…
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Solar power is a win for the South

The Southeast is one of the best regions in the country for the development of solar power  due to its abundant sunshine, available acreage, and closeness to major cities and other power users.  The Athens Banner-Herald posted a column today describing the state’s growing stature as a national leader in…
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