The winter season (December through February) has just ended, and based on preliminary statistics, it looks like most of the Southeast was warmer than normal, although some areas in southern AL as well as in southwest GA and a lot of Florida were a little cooler than normal. Keep in mind that the current 1991-2020 normal temperatures are quite a bit warmer than the long-term average so even though we were cooler than normal in some places, it is still warmer than the average from 1895 to the present. The cool areas were just where we would expect them to be in this El Nino winter.

I would usually present my own summary of the season, but Kirk Mellish has a great summary in Medium, and I am just going to refer you there: Kirk is a retired meteorologist who worked in Atlanta for many years and has won many awards for accuracy, so I think you will get a great overview at his site. He makes ample use of graphics from Brian Brettschneider (@Climatologist49), who provides a lot of great climate maps. If you don’t already follow Brian on Twitter, you should if you enjoy weather information (and since you are reading this, I am sure you do!).

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