The forecast for the Southeast this week shows that a strong low pressure area will bring heavy rain (up to several inches) to a lot of the region starting on Monday night and going into Wednesday in the northeastern part of the region as the storm moves out. On Tuesday a cold front will bring warm and moist air from the south, fueling the potential for some severe storms as the front sweeps through the region. Very strong non-thunderstorm winds are expected to occur over a lot of the region, with some higher elevations observing wind gusts of up to 90 mph. The potential for tornadoes is moderately high, especially on Tuesday. In preparation for the wild weather, make sure that you have brought in all outdoor furniture and remaining Christmas decorations as well as anything else that could get picked up by wind gusts of up to 50 mph, becoming airborne missiles. Move equipment, animal feed, and livestock out of low-lying areas that could get flooded by the rain and clear out drains and gutters to help water drain more efficiently. Pay attention to your local NWS forecasts for the exact timing and strength of wind and rain as well as potential severe weather.

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