The next time you go outside to do yard work, take the time to consider what kind of power tools you are using. If you are using gas-powered blowers and other yard equipment, you may be contributing to the particulate load in your neighborhood. Garden equipment generally has very inefficient motors that spew a lot of smoke and soot into the air, reducing air quality as well as causing a lot of noise pollution. Many communities are considering passing noise regulations to reduce the racket from this equipment. They also emit a lot of nitrogen oxides that contribute to the development of low-level ozone and smog. In addition to the pollution caused by this equipment, the engines are also use a lot of fuel, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, there are electric versions of most garden equipment that produce almost no particulates and less greenhouse gases. While historically they have been less powerful than gas-powered versions, the gap between the two is shrinking. You can read more at the Miami Herald here.