Using the Southeast Regional Climate Center’s Perspectives tool allows us to look at historical records for both the region as a whole through maps and individual stations. I looked at their map for year-to-date mean temperature rankings tonight. It shows that for many parts of the Southeast, this year so far is in the top five warmest years on record. Many stations in Florida are ranked #1 as the warmest on record for the year so far. The exceptionally warm February certainly contributed to that, but warmer than normal temperatures have occurred quite consistently throughout 2023 so far. You can use the Perspectives tool to check departures and rankings for a number of different climate parameters. You can also click on individual stations to dive deeper into climate statistics for that station. Note that “ThreadEx” records are combined records for long-term stations that link together historical records from city and airport locations that might not have exactly the same climatology but are recognized by many media outlets as a single record for historical purposes.