While it is pretty warm today, the cold outbreak that brought frigid temperatures to the Southeast around Christmas caused a lot of damage to agriculture around the region, although the cold also improved the accumulation of chill hours. Here are some stories and a video discussing some of those impacts.

Specialty Crop Industry: Uncovered Georgia Strawberries Likely Suffered ‘Moderate’ Damage

Southeast Farm Press: Extreme cold tested new citrus industry

Specialty Crop Industry: Multiple Days of Sub-Freezing Temps Devastating for Southeast Specialty Crops

Specialty Crop Industry: Vidalia Onion Extension Agent ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ Following Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Specialty Crop Industry: Cold Temperatures Benefit Peach, Grape Producers

YouTube video: We Took a Big Loss: Lessons Learned! (20 minute video of a farm in southern Georgia that shows how a variety of vegetable crops were affected by the cold weather