Here are several stories of interest that I have seen in the news recently that you might also find interesting. I will make a separate post to list stories I have seen about the agricultural impacts of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian.

L. A. Times: California’s environment takes biggest hit during drought

Newser: Miss. River Barges Are Getting Stuck at ‘Worst Possible Time’

Yale Climate Connections: ‘Fighting for inches’ in the Southeast’s struggle with salt

Southeast AgNet: Peanut Harvests Yielding Quality Issues … So Far

The Bitter Southerner: Blood Sweat & Tears (Vidalia onions)

Time: ‘Dystopia on the Doorstep.’ Pakistan’s Climate Minister Warns the Global North Is Next

The Conversation: 1,000-year-old stalagmites from a cave in India show the monsoon isn’t so reliable – their rings reveal a history of long, deadly droughts

Source: NRCS via Commons Wikimedia