A few days ago I posted a story about the extreme drought in France and how it was affecting farmers there. There have been a number of stories in the press since then. One of the most interesting stories is about how this drought, estimated to be a 500-year-event, has caused streamflow to be so low that the rivers are not able to be used for transportation of goods, causing problems for farmers getting their crops to market. Here are a few articles that describe more about the impacts of the drought on European agriculture.

The Guardian: Europe’s rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years

Bloomberg: Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade

Eagle Tribune: European drought dries up rivers, kills fish, shrivels crops

Belfast Telegraph: Worsening conditions will force people out of farming, industry warns

The Guardian: Quiet flows the Po: the life and slow death of Italy’s longest river | Drought | The Guardian

Rhine River Dusseldorf Germany. Source: Voxbyrox, Commons Wikimedia.