I know that farmers in South Georgia are busy planting when they can get into the fields, and that cotton and peanuts are some of the main crops being planted right now. I was interested to read a story about cotton planting in the Southeast Farm Press relating planting to 10 A.M. soil temperature of 65 F, since our weather network keeps track of soil temperatures are three depths and I know that farmers use that information to help determine when to plant. Near the bottom of the story was a link to a cotton planting calculator developed at North Carolina State University. I also noticed that even though the calculator comes from NCSU, it looks like it works for areas around the Southeast, so you might want to check it out and see if it is useful for you (assuming that you have not already planted your crop). You can find the tool at https://products.climate.ncsu.edu/ag/cotton-planting/. If you have used it in the past, I would be interested in hearing if it is useful to your cotton producers. You can read more about it using the link “About this Tool” at the bottom of the page.

Cotton planted into oat residue. Source: USDA ARS