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The Pandemic Is Undermining Weather Monitoring

The pandemic has caused many problems in society since it started about a year ago. One you might not think of is weather observations. We have been fortunate with our University of Georgia weather stations this year in that we have been able to maintain a regular schedule of visits and sensor calibration and maintenance throughout the year. But many other weather networks are not as lucky, especially those in more remote locations. This story from Hakai magazine describes some of the problems that scientists are having maintaining the most remote weather stations, the buoys that collect marine data far from land. Those observations are key to getting a good picture of what is going on around the world. You can read more at

An Argo float, seen in the foreground, is a battery-powered device that automatically measures and transmits information about the environment. The floats are capable of sinking themselves to record the conditions in the water as well as at the ocean’s surface. Photo courtesy of the Argo Program