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Worsening hurricane season threatens billions of chickens

When you see a headline like this, you just have to stop, don’t you? This is from Morning Ag Clips, which discusses the potential for harm to the poultry industry as hurricanes become stronger, wetter, and potentially more frequent (although the research on this is not clear). While most poultry houses are not built near the coast, they are still subject to the effects of winds if not strapped down properly and can be affected by flooding rain as well. Georgia poultry farmers lost over 2 million chickens to Hurricane Michael in 2018. North Carolina poultry growers lost 4.1 million birds in Hurricane Florence that same year, following a loss of 5 million to Hurricane Matthew in 2016. And Mississippi poultry growers lost 6 million chickens in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The article provides links to a new guide developed at NC State that can help producers weather the impacts of hurricanes on their poultry production. You can read it at .

Source: I Tamar K., Commons Wikimedia