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TS Isaias expected to brush past Georgia, make landfall in South Carolina on Monday

The latest forecast for Tropical Storm Isaias as of Sunday night at 11 pm shows a lopsided storm which has most of its energy and rainfall on the east side of the storm. The current forecast path of the storm is for it to move north from its present position near the Space Coast of Florida and make landfall somewhere NE of Charleston late on Monday, then heading north inland over eastern NC and Virginia on Tuesday before following the East Coast up through New England and the Maritime Provinces of Canada Tuesday through Thursday. Since the path of the storm is a bit further east than expected earlier, with the strong winds concentrated on the eastern half, there should be minimal impacts on Georgia. Areas near the GA coast are likely to see up to 3 inches of rain near Tybee Island, but most will receive a lot less than that. Winds should be somewhat gusty but not too strong, leading to minimal damage in that state. There could be some wrap-around light rain in the northeastern part of Georgia as the storm moves north.

As Isaias moves up the coast, it will drop much more rain on South and North Carolina and Virginia, and many areas are under flash flood warnings with the expectation of widespread rain amounts of 4-6 inches, and a few isolated areas over 8 inches. The winds on the east side of the storm along the coast will be the strongest with sustained winds of 60 mph and gusts to 75 mph or more in a few locations. Flooding from the rain and wind damage is expected to cause power outages and problems for farmers through the region, which also felt impacts in the past few years from Matthew and Florence (although this is definitely a weaker storm).