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Have we seen our last spring frost? Unlikely for most areas

I’ve started to get questions about whether or not we have seen our last frost for this spring after the warm winter we have just finished. However, it is still well before the average date of last spring frost for most parts of the region except for the Florida Peninsula, so climatologically it seems unlikely that we are done with cold weather. Even though the climate forecast for March shows that we will likely be above normal for the month, that tracks average temperatures, not individual outbreaks which could bring in a quick shot of cold air. When I look at the long-range forecasts, I see at least two possible cooler periods in the next two weeks, although you have to take anything more than a week out with a large grain of salt. Southern parts of the region might squeak by without another frost, but most northern parts are likely to see some cold and even freezing weather in the next few weeks, so don’t get too eager with your spring planting.

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