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Chilling hours for Georgia UGA weather stations and other locations

Fruit producers in Georgia may be interested in seeing our summary of chilling hours for all 87 UGA weather stations in one place. You can find the complete list which provides chill hours from November 1 through yesterday at It includes the last four years so you can see how this year compares to previous seasons. In the future we hope to add chill portions as an option, but we won’t have those done in time for this spring. Also see below for a possible source of chill portions.

You can also find this information for some stations at, although for some reason they are not ingesting all of them. We are looking into that. You can also get chill hours calculated using MesoWest stations (which include NWS stations but not UGA stations) by picking the station from and using to calculate the chill hours once you get the station name.

If you still want to try looking at chill portions, Dr. Chavez pointed me to another site which appears to have a chill portion calculator. It’s at  While we haven’t had time to evaluate it in detail, the data source for the calculator appeared to be a grid based on NWS data supplemented with some other networks (but not the UGA network) and I believe it should be a reasonable source of data. Keep in mind that there are going to be some variations in local microclimate at your sites due to slope, soil type, and other factors which may make the values different than what the grid is predicting, but it’s the only place I know that you can find a chill portion calculator now. Please let me know if there are other sources so I can take a look at them and possibly add them to this page.

Source: Andrea Pavanello, Commons Wikimedia