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Florence rainfall

From my climatologist friend Jordan McLeod on Facebook:

Here’s a map showing the 4-day rainfall totals from Hurricane Florence, using gridded Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimates (MPE) data provided by the National Weather Service. The footprint of 10″+ of precipitation across the Carolinas is simply astounding, with numerous 30″+ pixels located in the Morehead City, NC and Wilmington, NC areas. Another interesting feature is the relatively higher rainfall totals along the escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western NC, which results from orographic lifting of a very moist airmass associated with Florence’s circulation. In particular, the rainfall bullseye over Mt. Mitchell stands out just to the northeast of Asheville. Unfortunately, the river flooding resulting from all of this rainfall over a broad area is just beginning.

Note that there was some additional rain today, especially in North Carolina and Virginia, so these maps are not yet complete.