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Ag losses in South Carolina from Florence estimated at $125 million

The Southeast Farm Press published an article today that said the losses to agriculture due to the wind, storm surge and flooding of Hurricane Florence have been estimated at $125 million to South Carolina alone. Since flooding is still going on there, and in some cases the water is still rising, I would expect the numbers to just go up from there. The losses include $56 million in losses to cotton alone, about 75% of the crop. You can read more here. An estimate from North Carolina is not yet available because the losses were even greater there and it is still impossible to get into some areas to do surveys, but the Insurance Journal says that the total losses in the Carolinas could be billions of dollars in at article at In the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an article stated that Moody’s Analytics estimated the total cost of the storm’s damage to buildings, infrastructure, and businesses including agriculture could be in the range of $38 to $50 billion dollars (link).

Source: Andrea Gibbs, Hyde County Extension Agent via Southeast Farm Press.