Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Heat-related stories in the news

While conditions in the Southeast have been quite moderate compared to other parts of the United States, heat-related impacts are taking a toll in other parts of the globe. Here are a few stories in the past week.

AgWeb reported that a heat wave in Europe is ruining the crops there. Many parts of Europe are in severe drought while parts of France have received too much rain. Yields of wheat and rapeseed in northern Europe are so bad that some farmers are destroying them rather than waste money trying to harvest them. You can read more here.

Extremely high temperatures in California are burning leaves and killing avocado trees, resulting in reduced yields and in a few cases, total losses. The death of the trees is particularly bad because that will reduce yields in 2019 as well. You can read more in The Packer here.

Heat has not been affecting just crops. A heat wave in Japan has resulted in at least 30 deaths and more than 10,000 hospitalizations since July 9 according to Japan Today. You can read more at

Source: Elliott Ross via the Washington Post