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Rain impacts on Florida agriculture

The Vegetable and Specialty Crop Newsletter posted a couple of articles this weekend describing some of the problems that producers are dealing with from recent heavy rains, both those associated with Alberto and in rainfall prior to that storm’s visit. As expected, some rain has been beneficial for farmers in the Southeast as parts of the region were suffering from dry conditions before this wet spell began. But now so much rain has fallen that it is causing problems for potato and blueberry farmers as well as other crops like watermelons where fungal diseases are becoming a big issue.

Taking Precautions for Increased Rain

Beware of Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens in Increased Rainfall

Torrential rains in south Florida’s Redlands growing region severely damaged winter yellow squash, zucchini and green beans, as well as this field of corn grown by Alger Farms. Source: Alger Farms via The Packer.