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Useful interactive map resources for climate and agriculture

In the past week I’ve run across several sources of maps related to various aspects of climate that you might find useful.

NOAA Global Vegetation Health Maps show the conditions of vegetation around the world on zoomable maps. Data are based on satellite scans from space.  for information or go directly to the map browser at

NOAA Climate Mapper tool is an interactive map program that allows you to produce maps of a variety of variables including a number of agriculture-related fields like growing degree days at various bases. It is based in the Northwest but contains data for the entire US. Read about it at or go directly to the tool at

Climate Engine is a new web application which allows you to explore a variety of climate and agriculture variables across the US. The data are from various satellite platforms. This is a little more complicated to use than the others, so it might be worth taking their tour before diving in. Read more at or go right to the app at

Also don’t forget the Climate Reanalyzer, which also allows you to look at a variety of climate variables superimposed on a globe. See it at And PRISM from Oregon State at, which provides US maps of temperature and precipitation data (not zoomable).