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Some climate and agriculture stories of interest

There has been a wealth of stories related to climate and/or agriculture in the past few weeks. Here are a few that have caught my eye. I hope you will find one or more useful to you.

Bloomberg Businessweek: The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change

New Haven Register: One of the scariest effects of climate change might already be happening–and it’d mean our projections are way off

Scientific American: Earth Day and the Hockey Stick: A Singular Message (20th anniversary of “hockey stick” temperature graph)

YouTube video: E2SM: DOE’s New, State-of-the-Science Earth System Model

Marketwatch: Florida and Texas are expected to take the biggest economic hit from climate change Storm damage to forests cost billions–here’s how artificial intelligence can help

National Public Radio: As Climate Costs Grow, Some See A Moneymaking Opportunity

Source: Commons Wikimedia