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Heavy tropical rains continue in parts of the South

The latest 7 day QPF shows two areas of massive rainfall in the South this week.  One is the continuing rainfall from now Tropical Storm Harvey, which came onshore in Texas last night and is expected to continue to spin and rain over Texas for the next few days.  Forecast amounts from Harvey are for 30 inches of rain, with higher amounts in isolated spots.  Meanwhile, Investigation 92L continues to spin over the Florida peninsula. As it starts to move to the northeast, it is expected to develop and could even grow to tropical storm status as it moves up the coast.  If you are in central Florida or along the East Coast, you should watch the forecasts carefully for the next few days to see if Investigation 92L becomes TS Irma and what track it takes along the coast. Elsewhere in the Southeast, mostly dry conditions are expected to continue for most of the week.