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“This web tool will let you find and analyze any satellite imagery in under 10 seconds” posted a story about a new source of satellite data on land cover to its web site this week. It is a viewer which allows you to look at several different land cover satellites, including LandSat and MODIS and search for local coverage very quickly.  I have just tried it out for a few minutes but I found out that it really does work quickly and that the interface is pretty intuitive.  I have not tried out the overlay capabilities yet but it looks like there is potential for overlaying maps and other GIS layers too.  You can read the story and find the link to the resource at

MODIS land view of agriculture near Athens GA from April 7, 2017.  You can see Lake Lanier NE of Atlanta and the Savannah River reservoirs as well as the Northeast Georgia mountains, which have more forests and less agriculture.