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If you are in TS Colin’s path, turn around, don’t drown!

One of my favorite site,, is showing the broad circulation around Tropical Storm Colin.  You can see that there is a tremendous amount of moisture being pulled into the Southeast ahead of the storm.  It is no wonder that rainfall amounts of up to several inches of rain are predicted to occur over the next day across a broad area along the storm’s path.

If you come to an area where water is running over the road, STOP!  Even if you can see the road, you don’t know if the road has been undermined.  The National Weather Service says “Turn around, don’t drown.”  Don’t become an unwilling actor in another YouTube video showing the dangers of crossing flooded roadways.  Flooding is the major weather-related cause of death in the US.  Don’t become another sad statistic!

airflow around ts colin 6-6-2016  2 day qpf 6-6-2016