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Remains of Erika bring rain to Southeast, and hello TS Fred!

The latest forecasts show that Erika is not likely to return from the dead and become a tropical storm again, but the moisture is still there and will bring lots of rain to Florida and southeastern Georgia.  The remains are now known as investigation 90L and the model runs for where it goes are shown below.  As you can see, the scatter of possibilities is quite wide.  Most of the rain is likely to come to the east of the storm center, although there will be a wide area of rain associated with 90L.  Most of the Florida peninsula as well as the southeast part of Georgia could see up to 7 inches of rain in the next week.

Overnight, the National Hurricane Center also recognized the next wave coming off of Africa as Tropical Storm Fred.  It has a long way to go before we need to worry about when or if it might affect us in the Southeast.  The only other storm that formed so far east was Ginger in 1967.  How cool is that?  This has prompted rare Tropical Storm warnings for the Cape Verde Islands.

90L_tracks_latest   ts fred 8-30-2015