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Dry conditions across most of US affect agriculture

With the exception of flooding rains at a few locations in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas, most of the country was very dry this week.  The dry conditions did allow planting of corn and other crops in the Midwest to advance significantly from last week.  However, the dry conditions have caused problems for winter wheat, which is reducing some yields.

AgWeb had an article today on the status of the wheat crop (link) describing the conditions out West.  A separate article discussed the rapid progress of planting across the country and said it could be close to a record in progress for the week (link).

Here in the Southeast, Nick McGhee noted in the Nochaway Ag Update that the corn here in Georgia has been doing well but needs water as it enters a critical growing time for determining final yields.  He encouraged his farmers to water and provided an example of how to calculate when and how much to water at  Rome Ethredge of Seminole County also pointed out how fast the corn has been growing in these warmer than normal temperatures and stressed the need for proper water management (link).

Source: High Plains Regional Climate Center

Source: High Plains Regional Climate Center