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Alabama and Northern Georgia will be the wettest part of the region this week

The 7-day QPF predicts that most of the Southeast will get less than an inch of rain in the coming week.  The exception is the western part of the region, including Alabama, northern Georgia and the western Carolinas, where  well over an inch is possible.

After a great start to the Memorial Day weekend, rain chances will increase on Monday.  A second round will start to enter the region from the west Wednesday through Friday as the area of very wet conditions that have been plaguing the southern Plains drifts east.  The Lawn and Garden Moisture Index shows that nearly the entire Southeast (with the exception of the area hit by Tropical Storm Ana) is stressed due to lack of recent rains.  Dryland crops in the southern part of Georgia are feeling the stress from the lack of rainfall, and it could hurt yields of corn as it enters the critical silking time, according to Rome Ethredge in his Seminole Crop E News blog today (link).  Rome also noted that some areas have had trouble with germination of peanuts due to the dry conditions (link).

Looking ahead a little further to the week after this, temperatures are expected to rise again above normal and wetter conditions are also expected to return to the region, especially in Alabama and northern Georgia.

7 day qpf 5-23-2015    lgmi 5-23-2015