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22nd anniversary of the “Storm of the Century”

Where were you on March 12, 1993?  I was up in Wisconsin working as the State Climatologist and watching the weather down south with my meteorologist husband from Birmingham.   His home town was getting buried in up to 18 inches of snow as the so-called “Storm of the Century” moved through the Southeast and up the East Coast.

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the storm, which caused tremendous problems for a good part of the US, including a storm surge and tornado outbreak in Florida, and heavy snows in a band from Mississippi to Maine.  A number of websites are devoted to analyzes of the storm.  For example, the Tallahassee National Weather Service office has a good write-up with links to many other summaries from other NWS offices at  The State Climate Office of North Carolina also has a blog entry on the story today at

The NASA satellite picture below shows the extent of the storm, which stretched as far south as Honduras.

Source: NASA

Source: NASA