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Mexican watermelons, Chilean grapes affected by bad weather

The Packer noted that bad weather has affected supplies of watermelons from Mexico this year.  They reported that volumes are down quite a bit from earlier in the season due to cold weather, which has delayed the ripening of the crop.  Supplies are expected to be short until mid-March.

“On Jan. 21, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported per-pound prices of $.40-42 for cartons of red seedless 4-5s from Mexico, up from $.30 last year at the same time.”  See more at:
At the same time,  supplies of table grapes from Chile have rebounded from last year’s 19% loss of production due to a major freeze.  However, the size of the grapes was only rated medium due to a shortage of water, which reduced the size of the fruit, especially early in the season.  You can read that story here.
Source: Steve Evans via Commons Wikimedia

Source: Steve Evans via Commons Wikimedia