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NBC News reports on drought across the Americas

NBC News had a story online today about droughts across North, Central and South American and their impacts on agriculture.  The California drought is the one that is making the biggest news splash, and I have had many stories on this blog listing some of the variety of agricultural effects this drought has had.  But there are droughts impacting other areas as well.  Worst hit is Central America, where 2.5 million people are suffering from food shortages caused by three years of drought.  Coffee production in Costa Rica and around the region has been affected as well.  Farther south, drought in Panama has reduced lake levels along the Panama Canal to the point that the canal may have to be closed to the largest ships.  In northern Columbia riots have broken out in some areas due to lack of water, and forest fires have broken out in Bolivia’s worst drought in 30 years.  You can read the story and watch some related videos here.