Nearly 100 Extension agents and scientists from around the Southeast will be meeting in Athens GA in early September to study climate variability and change and its impacts on agriculture as part of the Southern Region Extension Climate Academy (SRECA).  These participants were identified by their deans as agents with special expertise in row crops, livestock, forestry or coastal issues, and will be joining together to explore  the relationship between climate and agriculture and how to communicate this information to a diverse population.  Here is the description of the academy from their website:

  • This academy is designed to build capacity among  Extension professionals who bring a variety of perspectives on climate change to be leaders in their state for appropriate and relevant programming in climate variability and change. To this end the academy will enable small groups to work together to develop resources or programs and report their experiences to the entire group through web-based workshops over the next year. We aim to improve climate extension in four target areas: Crops, Livestock, Forestry, and Coasts. Through new relationships built with professionals in similar arenas across the region, participants will exchange ideas and enhance their programs.
  • Overall, we intend to focus on 1) the fundamentals of climate science, 2) the management options for improved resilience to climate uncertainties, 3) resources that are available in their program areas, 4) strategies they can use to begin conversations about climate with colleagues and audiences, and 5) ideas to get started incorporating these materials into their programming.

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