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In an effort to track the locations of this species, please participate in the Joro Spider Spotting Contest!

Date/Time: October 9th 12:00a – October 15th 11:59p (this means it enters our database between this time frame)

Goal: Joro spider reports

Prizes: We will be mailing out Joro Watch stickers for accounts for:

  • Most number of verified Joro spider reports
  • Most number of counties with verified Joro spider reports
  • First verified Joro spider report in our database in that county

Report the sightings through the Joro Watch website or create an account with EDDMapS if you want to use the EDDMapS App. If you’ve previously reported via , you can use the Forgot Password link to create an account with the email address you used to report through the EDDMapS app.

Additional Resources and Information on the Joro Spider: