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Silverleaf Whitefly in Cotton Meeting August 16, 2017

We are seeing more whiteflies this year than we have in recent years. This pest has arrived earlier in the year allowing it ample time to multiply into a significant problem if under favorable conditions. This pest can affect yield and also create an issue with stained lint at harvest…
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Silverleaf White Fly

The Silverleaf Whitefly is a cotton pest we are starting to see in this area.  This pest has the ability to reduce yield, especially in environments where beneficial insects have been reduced.  As cotton begins to open another issue from this pest can be stained lint.  Under the right conditions…
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Midville Field Day

Please remember the Midville Field day is tomorrow-Wednesday August 9.  Many important topics will be covered which are important to our operations.  Remember this is our opportunity to view research completed in our area and hear pest updates.  Please try to attend.  Begins at 9:00.
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Cotton Marketing News

Cotton prices as of February 13 were 14 cents higher than a year ago. There are several factors which have contributed to the upward trend. USDA raised the 2016 exports to 12.7 million bales, which is 200K bales higher than the January estimate. As Dr. Shurley states sales have been…
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Water Use: What Are The Facts?

I’m writing this post after being “flooded by” blog posts, emails & electronic newsletters ALL REVOLVING AROUND DECISIONS BEING MADE REGARDING WATER USE & WATER QUALITY. I hope to share enough information for you to feel like you need to somehow participate in some of the processes that are ongoing! …
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**Reminder**Jenkins County 2017 Production Meetings

  Fertility and Irrigation Management for Corn and major row crops–Wednesday, February 15, 12:00 Jenkins County Ag Center.  Dr. Glen Harris and Dr. Wes Porter will present information on fertility and irrigation management.  While a good portion of the data will be geared toward corn, these specialists will be presenting…
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