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Water Use: What Are The Facts?

I’m writing this post after being “flooded by” blog posts, emails & electronic newsletters ALL REVOLVING AROUND DECISIONS BEING MADE REGARDING WATER USE & WATER QUALITY. I hope to share enough information for you to feel like you need to somehow participate in some of the processes that are ongoing! …
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2015 Georgia Pest Management Handbook Update

Quite a few growers purchase the commercial version of the Georgia Pest Management Handbook each year. Our Extension Forest Resources specialist, Dr. David Moorehead sent us an update to two sections this morning. The revisions are for the Forest Herbicide & Invasive Plant Control in Forest sections.  Changes in format…
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Georgia Pecan Growers Field Day

The Georgia Pecan Growers Association’s  Annual Fall Field Day will be held Thursday, September 4, 2014 at the UGA Tifton Campus Ponder Research Farm. Registration will begin at 8:30 and the program starts at 9:30. Topics covered include pecan insect management, pecan scab management, cultural practices, and cultivars. Admission is…
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Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Update

For about 3 wks I have been able to find terminal damage from larval feeding of the BSM.  It seems to be fairly wide spread.  However, it appears that the number of flies and amount of damage is somewhat less than last year for some reason.  I would like to…
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Peanut and Corn Disease Update

Southern corn rust (SCR) is the major concern in corn production. SCR has shown up a lot earlier this year than in previous  seasons. SCR can and will cause major yield loss if left unchecked. SCR has been confirmed in Jenkins, Burke and Jefferson Counties. Even if you have already applied…
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Wilkes County Dairy Meeting

Dr. Les Sales, DVM has put together a meeting for dairy producers for Thursday, June 5th at noon.  Dr. Stephen Nickerson, professor of Dairy Science at the University of Georgia, will be speaking on topics related to mastitis.  The meeting will be held at the McGill-Woodruff Agriculture Center in Washington,…
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Irrigation Management Workshop

  If you haven’t started already, it won’t be long before we fire up our center pivot irrigation systems.  The Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission is sponsoring an irrigation workshop on Thursday, May 29 at the Bulloch County Center for Agriculture. Workshop topics include: Advanced Irrigation Scheduling, Wireless Technology,…
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