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Wheat Disease Update

It is time to make a decision whether or not to apply a fungicide to wheat. Dr. Alfredo Martinez sent us some timely information on managing wheat diseases. If you decide to apply a fungicide, applying at the flag leaf or just as the heads are popping out. This is…
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Injured Oats

I have noticed many fields of oats that are experiencing severe cold injury. Oats are the most susceptible to cold injury of all the small grains. We have had several nights of freezing temperatures for the month of January. We even had 1″+ of snow a week and a half ago….
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Crown Rust on Oats

A significant outbreak of Crown Rust has occurred on oats in Florida. According to Dr. Ann Blount, Professor of Forage Breeding and Genetics, this new strain infected and killed most of their research oats at Quincy and Marianna. At this time, all Southeastern oats appear to be susceptible to Crown…
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