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Cotton Marketing News

The main concern for cotton producers is the recent plunge in lint prices. There are many reasons why we are seeing this drop: increase in U.S. production, very little increase in demand, and a reduction in Chinese imports. It is very seldom that prices drop this much in such a…
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Farm Bill Program Timeline

The farm bill is back in the news again! USDA has recently announced a timeline for program implementation. This timeline contains dates that are very important to owner/operators of farm businesses. Dr. Nathan Smith and Dr. Don Shurley recently shared some very comments on this subject: USDA recently announced a…
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2014 Farm Bill

Here is the latest interpretation from Dr. Nathan Smith and Dr, Don Shurley concerning the recently passed Farm Bill. Take a few minutes and look at each slide. For now, just try to get a basic understanding of what has passed. As soon as I learn more, I will pass…
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