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Silverleaf Whitefly in Cotton Meeting August 16, 2017

We are seeing more whiteflies this year than we have in recent years. This pest has arrived earlier in the year allowing it ample time to multiply into a significant problem if under favorable conditions. This pest can affect yield and also create an issue with stained lint at harvest time. A meeting has been scheduled with Dr. Philip Roberts to discuss whiteflies, thresholds, and scouting procedures. This meeting will be in Candler County and is set for 10:00am on Wednesday, August 16th. The meeting will in a field and hands on learning.  The field is located at the intersection of Rosemary Church Rd & Union Rd. outside of Metter, GA. I have attached a picture of Google Maps to help with finding the field. The fields I have checked have not met the threshold to spray but this is a situation we need to stay on top of.