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Points to Remember for “Liquid Valor” Formulations

Dr. Prostko let us know that 2 “liquid Valor” formulations will be labeled for use next year: Valor EZ (Valent) and Panther SC (NuFarm).  Currently, we have very little information for recommendations on these two formulations of flumioxazin. There may be a few potential challenges with tank mixing these liquid formulations.  The following were some observations from compatibility tests.

1) When compared to the dry formulation, the liquid formulation disperses more quickly and evenly when mixed with water (Figure 1). 2) However, mixing order is extremely important.  The liquid formulations must be added to the tank first before mixing other chemicals.  If other tank-mix partners, such as glyphosate or paraquat, are put into the tank before the liquid flumioxazin, it is very likely that a nozzle/screen clogging precipitate could occur (Figure 2). 3) Agressive tank-agitation will continue to be very important when using liquid formulations of flumioxazin.


Figure 1. The equivalent of 3 oz/A in 15 GPA (Panther 4SC – left; Valor SX 51WDG – right) approximately 10 seconds after adding to the bottle (no agitation or shaking).



&nbFigure 2. NIS (0.25% v/v) followed by Gramoxone 2SL (48 oz/A) followed by Panther 4SC (3 oz/A) after agitation/shaking (rates equivalent for 15 GPA). Notice white precipitates floating around.

Our Extension Weed Science Team will be working on trials with these two formulations this season and will pass on more information as they can. If you plan to use these liquid formulations, we would like to know so that we can make local observations as well.