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Southern Corn Rust Confirmed


Over the past couple weeks there have been corn fields where “small hits” of Southern Corn Rust were reported. Yesterday the UGA Plant Pathology lab confirmed southern corn rust on leaves submitted to the Burke County Extension Office by Rocky Yelton. The spot he found was small / isolated. In discussing with Dr. Kemerait, there may be several reasons that southern rust has not yet exploded into a major problem. Extreme heat or dryer conditions may have helped keep it at bay. With more normal conditions & fronts moving through and the fact that the disease is definitely present, careful consideration needs to be given to applying a fungicide. It is beneficial to protect corn through the R4 or dough stage. This would be around 100-105 day old corn.
The following was from Dr. Kemerait’s last update to agents: “…if northern corn leaf blight is not a problem in a field, then growers have many fungicide options, to include tebuconazole to manage rust. For longer protective windows or where NCLB is also a problem, growers should apply strobilurin. or fungicides that include some combination of strobilurins, triazoles, and SDHI active ingredients.”