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YETI Cooler

I can say that I have finally won something! Actually, that is not exactly true as I have won a shotgun and a few other prizes through various raffles. I can’t complain.

I attended a Phytogen variety field day several weeks ago at a local farmer’s field in Brooklet. After the respective talks, Joe Carswell, Phytogen Sales Representative passed out note cards. At first, I thought he just wanted us to put our contact information on them for future reference. However, he instructed everyone to write down what they thought the cotton would yield. The winner of the contest would receive a YETI cooler. I looked at the cotton and wrote my figure down and pretty much forgot about it. Low and behold I was within 41 pounds of the actual yield, which was 1,286 lbs/acre. We were guessing at PHY 499. It is always good to have some fun and win too!


Joe Carswell, Phytogen Sales Rep presenting Wade Parker his new YETI Cooler.